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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring?
    Just your creative self! All calligraphy supplies will be provided and are part of the workshop fee. If you have calligraphy tools that you'd like to bring and try in class, you are welcome to do that! (not required)
  • I have terrible handwriting, does that matter?
    Your handwriting style does not matter whatsoever. Think of calligraphy as "drawing and crafting letters" rather than jotting down notes. It's a different brain function; rather than distilling information that you are writing down to process or remember, you are making visual art. My own handwriting is atrocious! It's often sloppy with skipped letters, misspellings, and unreadable characters and words. Handwriting has nothing to do with creating calligraphy, except that it uses the same hand that you write with. The artistic visual focus of it along with hand-eye coordination fires up the visual perception side of brain (right hemisphere) as opposed to the analytical/processing side (left hemisphere). So don't let your weird handwriting stop you, you'll be amazed at how different your calligraphy lettering art will be! 😀
  • Do I need any art experience to take the Blackletter Calligraphy workshop?
    Absolutely not! This workshop is designed for beginners and provides a welcoming space with hands-on instruction and feedback from the instructor. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to try calligraphy on your own. Save tons of time searching all the videos out there and get in-person tips and conversations about developing your own calligraphy style and expertise.
  • Refunds and Cancellations
    Due to the cost of venue space and art supplies which are pre-purchased well ahead of the workshop date, cancellations and no-shows are not refundable. If the workshop is cancelled due to an unforeseen event such as flooding, fire, or illness, a full refund will be issued to all students who have purchased the workshop.
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