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Abstract Art and Calligraphy Workshops
Instructor: Angie Durbin

Thick Blue

Free your mind and soul, just create!
Thanks Angie!"



International Creativity 

Conference Student, Subconscious Abstraction


Subconscious AbstractionTM


Discover Angie's unique methods for developing your own abstract art style and channeling your subconscious for artistic expression.


This workshop is full of fun and intriguing art prompts that will invite all of your senses to create personal works of art that are uniquely yours.

No experience necessary, all levels are welcome! 

Unleash your creativity and self-expression!

Rendering of a head sculpture with birds flying out from the top.
blackletter_abstract_spin_video Copy 01_1.gif

Learn the fun and intriguing craft of blackletter calligraphy with Angie Durbin. With just a little practice you will be on your way to creating and designing beautiful personalized calligraphy for merchandise and gifts such as envelope addressing, greeting cards, certificates, tattoos, digital graphics, or even your own font!

COMING SOON! Join the list for notifications of Angie's upcoming online and in-person calligraphy workshops.

Blackletter Calligraphy

Perfect for beginners who would like to learn how to do blackletter calligraphy!

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