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Red and black abstract calligraphy artwork hanging in a modern home.
Abstract blackletter calligraphy artwork.


Rumour Mill
Abstract Calligraphy Art 
by Angie Durbin


On a hot August Saturday in New York, I spent the afternoon fast-walking all over the city listening to a song named "Rumour Mill" which was the perfect brisk tempo to match my pace. The tune has a hypnotic drive filled with attitude, and part of the lyrics repeat "I don't care... 'bout what they say". Which resonated with me as a reminder to not give a rip about what other people think or how they might judge when you set out to follow your passions and dreams. :) 


After about 40,000 steps I arrived home in Brooklyn and grabbed the new red, black, and silver Krink markers I had purchased the day before. With the energy of the city still buzzing and the song on auto-repeat in my headphones, I inked out this piece on 22" x 30" watercolor paper and it was the perfect way to cap the day! I dove into the painting with no conscious decision to specifically create a blackletter calligraphy abstract, but I think that all the NYC and Brooklyn graffiti art I stomped past throughout the day inspired my subconscious to make a tangible, visual interpretation of it.

If you're curious about the song you can find that specific remix on Apple Music titled "Rumour Mill (feat. Anne-Marie & Will Heard) [Jesse Rose Remix]"

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