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Zen Abstract Art


Customize this uplifting abstract meditation altar with your own meaningful objects, or simply add a calm flow of energy to your home with hangable wall art or lifestyle goods! 



Earth Rhythms

Zen Abstract Art 

by Angie Durbin


As a wall hanging, meditation altar, or even a cozy hoodie blanket, "Earth Rhythms" emits a positive uplifting energy that invites you take a deep, calm, grounding breath.


Have you ever thought about meditation but just couldn’t fathom the thought of sitting still and breathing while all the bazillions of pinging thoughts “should” calm down? Me too! I didn’t specifically set out to paint something that would help me meditate, but "Earth Rhythms" ended up being just that.

"Earth Rhythms" was painted at a time of exuberant energy while also in a super-calm frame of mind. I liked the way it lifted with a couple of brush strokes reaching up and decided to keep the white space around those two “arms” at the top so that the painting could breathe.

One day when it was sitting on my countertop, I placed a small Ganesh knick-knack in the top circle. And voila! It gave me such a calm feeling that I decided to make it a "meditation station". The flow of the painting pulls in my existing energy and then shapes it around to earthly and colorful rhythms that match my frequency resulting in an underlying calmness


With the white space at the top, you can customize it with your own crystals or meaningful objects. The quiet left side circular element with "N, E, S, W," marks can be used with a pendulum for asking "yes and no" questions out to the universe, or simply use the area to place a charm or necklace.

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