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Abstract calligraphy artwork background..

Abstract Art Workshop:

Subconscious AbstractionTM 


Love the idea of abstract painting but not sure where to start?


Or maybe you've been painting for a while and just want to add new sparks to your art style?


You are in the right place!

Rendering of a head sculpture with birds flying out from the top.

Ray Bradbury describes

“The Muse" as "The Subconscious, Art,

and Creativity." 

He also describes it as

“Your Most Original Self.”

Angie's abstract art workshop is a series of unique art prompts that are designed to shift and disrupt your thinking out of habitual grooves, and into unexpected new paths of making marks and creating art for self-expression.


Switching up our brain patterns invites pure expressionism and experimentation that invites your subconscious into your art style.

The result is an empowering, fun experience of discovery, self-expression, and personal synchronicities integrated into your art.

student abstract artwork example

Student Work

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

~ Thomas Merton

Artist creating an abstract painting.


Open up your subconscious with pens, paints, and passion!

Geoff Zoeckler, 
Miami University Institute 
for Entrepreneurship

Subconscious Abstraction

Subconscious Abstraction:

Art Workshop Overview

You'll be guided through unique art prompts that allow your subconscious to participate.

Our subconscious remembers everything we've experienced and observed. You already know good composition because it's around you every day in nature on our planet and in our everyday life.


The unique art prompts in this workshop are structured in a way that invite those subconscious observations to flow right into your paintings.

Subconscious Abstraction:

Art Techniques Covered


  • Using divergent thinking to make art

  • Tips for using different art tools and mediums

  • How to paint intuitively

  • Fundamentals in composition

  • Developing a distinctive art style

  • Working around perceived "mistakes" and using them to your advantage

Round stones stacked on white sand.


I liked the musical exercises the most, the whole experience uses your inner feelings for making art.

Antonio Basauri
University of Chile, Career Director


Subconscious Abstraction


Angie's abstract art workshop gives you a glimpse of what is in you.

Subconscious Abstraction

Variety of art supplies in a collage.

Subconscious Abstraction:

Art Materials

All art supplies are provided. You will have the opportunity to test out a variety of art tools and mediums such as pen and ink, various styles of brushes, markers, acrylics, watercolors, and more!

  • Mark-making tools and techniques

  • Various paintbrush styles and sizes

  • Papers and surfaces

  • Different color mediums

  • Unusual art tools

Subconscious Abstraction Workshop

Interested in the Subconscious Abstraction Art Workshop?

The next workshop dates are tentatively being scheduled for January and February of 2023. 

$165 (subject to change)

  • All art supplies and paper are included in the price.

  • Workshop time frame: 4 hours on a weekend date.

  • Currently, workshops will be in-person in New York. Class sizes will be limited to avoid crowded work spaces. 

  • Online workshops are in development.​ 

  • Join the list for information on the upcoming art workshop scheduling!

By joining the list you are not in any way obligated to buy or join the workshops. You will simply receive a notice of the confirmed date(s) and time(s) of upcoming in-person and online class offerings.


Blue water and blue sky with mist.

Free your mind
and soul,
just create!
Thanks Angie!


Jaslin Teo




Expressive, soothing, fun!





Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.

Making your unknown known is the important thing.

~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia OKeeffe public domain headshot.

Art is good for our mental well-being.

The process of making art is good for our human brains and souls. Numerous scientific studies have shown that making art reduces stress, increases mental focus, improves cognition, and enhances mindfulness.

Whether you have any intention of selling your art or keeping it a secret forever doesn't matter.


It doesn't have to be "right or wrong". What matters is that it happens.


Making art is a liberating way to be free and expressive without anyone's permission or direction.

Select pictures from Angie's abstract art workshops.