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Bold calligraphy brush stroke on black

Hi, I'm Angie!

My aim is to inspire and empower people to explore and develop their own unique style of artistic expression.


I am a New York-based abstract artist, calligraphy geek, instructor, and multimedia designer with a relentless passion for all things creative.

If you are driven to create or looking for unique art for your home, I hope you find some inspiration here for your creative journey.

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Art studio in Brooklyn, New York

Why Make Art?

I’ve been driven to draw and make art for as long as I can remember, and it has always been my refuge.


As a kid, my favorite place to draw was in the top of our huge willow tree in the front yard. I had a platform set up on my "creative branch" where I stashed art supplies and comic books. 

Making art is a profound way of connecting the subconscious mind with the conscious, and then turning that into a tangible visual.


This visual "download" of emotional art and energy is not only balancing for the soul, but also a fun and relaxing way of de-stressing with a healthy dopamine hit.

I’ve coined my painting methods and art workshop as Subconscious Abstraction™ which is a fun, switch-thinking way of making art that can tap into your creative flow state.

This is a time-lapse calligraphy video of my lettering practice with a Picasso quote that sums it up perfectly.






Education and Teaching

After studying calligraphy, art, and graphic design in undergraduate programs at The Kansas City Art Institute and other colleges, I landed my first career job at Hallmark Cards in the lettering department. There, I was mentored by some of the best calligraphers on the planet.

When I started teaching calligraphy and abstract art workshops, I discovered that the only thing I enjoyed more than making art was sharing the techniques and inspirations with others.

I first taught my "Subconscious Abstraction" workshop at The American Creativity Association's International Creativity Conference in 2010, and have continued to teach and expand the methods since.

A variety of tools and mediums are used, and each participant walks away with an armload of their own original art, inspirations, and methods to continue developing their art style. 

Photo collage of students and art examples from angie durbin’s abstract art workshops

Why Make Abstract Art?

What's great about abstract art and subconscious drawing or doodling is that it removes the pressure of replicating something that already exists.


It gives you permission to just play and have fun! You don't need a degree in fine art or have "mastery" of a specific medium to get started. Pick up a few tools and make marks whenever you have a few minutes. You'll figure out composition, mediums and tools as you experiment while having the fun of expressive art right away.

These are some of my early studies of experimenting with subconscious doodling and abstract calligraphy art.

Interested in the Subconscious Art Workshop?

The expressive art development exercises are simple, fun, and stimulating.


They help you develop your own unique art style, even if you've never picked up a brush!​

Abstract doodle with fluid lines and elegant flourishes.

This subconscious doodle was inadvertently inspired by Dale Chihuly's art.


Subconscious Abstraction Meaning